Garage Door Slamming Down? How To Fix It

Garage Door Slamming Down How To Fix It

Ever experienced your garage door slamming down? If you, unfortunately, say yes, then you know how aggravating it can be worrying that the garage doors slam shut while your vehicle is still moving under the doorway. Plus, the slamming motion could crack and damage your beautiful doors!

There are several reasons why garage door slam shut suddenly. Remember, the entire unit is composed of various parts and components – all of these have to be in good working condition to operate seamlessly. And when some parts deteriorate, that’s when the problem stem from.

Why Garage Doors Slam Shut

If your garage door has this problem, it can signify that something is amiss – springs might be neglected, or cables are too loose. In any case, you have to know precisely what’s causing the garage door slamming down so you can have the needed garage door repairs.

Loose or Broken Garage Door Spring

Garage doors are mechanized using a spring system – this contraption is responsible for carrying the entire unit’s weight. Even if garage door springs are guaranteed to be sturdy for a long tine, they are also susceptible to wear and tear.

If you have already used your garage doors for about 5,000 cycles (when the door moves up and down), then it’s understandable that some issues will start to occur. Garage door springs could form gaps, which could impact the tautness and how it absorb the tensions from the doors weight.

Garage door slamming down could be a symptom of worn-out or broken springs. Weakened tensile strength from springs could make the cycle uncontrolled, slamming it down.

What you can do: There’s no practical way to replace a faulty garage door spring on your own. The only option is to call for professional garage door repair.

A garage door technician can find the correct spring for your unit, measure the replacement, and do the garage door spring repair safety. Remember that the springs take on enormous weight – repairing them is too risky for average homeowners.

Misaligned Tracks

Aside from the spring system, the tracks may also cause a problem with how the cycle happens. If the tracks are bent or misaligned even a few inches, this can result in erratic movement.

What you can do: Like with garage door spring repair, bent tracks are also meant to be fixed by a professional only. Appropriate tune-ups will prevent any further damage to your entire garage door.

Garage Door Opener Connection Issues

Your garage door opener could also play a role in why the garage door is slamming down. There could be gear connection issues or some problem with the force setting – this gives you the ability to automatically control the force required to life and lower the garage doors.

If your force setting are not set correctly to the weight of your garage doors (i.e., too low or too high), the opener could struggle with controlling the movement of each cycle. It may result in garage doors slamming down.

What you can do: Try adjusting the force setting to suit your garage door weight. While this is a temporary solution, you should still have a professional garage door repair check your doors.

Fix Your Garage Door Slamming Down Problem

There’s no question that you should address this problem. When you let the garage door keep slamming down, all the components will start to deteriorate. The door hitting the floor all the time will wreck the panels, further war out the spring and add to your total expenses over time.

And not only is it unsafe for your car, but the garage door slamming down could also injure someone standing close to the door. Any objects in the way of the door could essentially be damaged! This is a big concern for homes with young children and pets.

If you need help with you garage door slamming down, we are here to assist. Our garage door service technicians can get this problem fixed asap. Don’t let it become an even bigger headache – you can rely on you garage door repair crew to adjust and repair your garage door components. Talk to us to learn more!